Pearl Harbor, occurred on Dec. 7, 1941

Let us never forget!
My dad was there. A man I never known.
Never mess with the people that believe in FREEDOM for all.
If you do ! It will bite you in the a*ss big time…BOOM!
God bless America… Oh ! Yes!
What a Great county we live in…Huh?


Withe the exception of the “people who believe in FREEDOM for all” part… I 100% agree with you.

God bless America and those soldiers.

Agreed. And the civilian women and children at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Burn baby BURN!

Agreed, and the 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of Americans who did **not **perish ending WWII with conventional warfare.

Agreed. That would have been as equally of an immoral option as using nuclear weapons of mass destruction on civilian targets. Winning by cheating is losing. We could have just vaporized an entire lake near the emperor and he’d have surrendered, but hey… we wanted to show the Russians that we were willing to mass murder women and children with our new toy.

It’s terrible that our servicemen lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, but Pearl Harbor is a naval base, which is a legitimate military target. Attacking Pearl Harbor may be wrong. Attacking Pearl Harbor may be stupid. But by definition, attacking Pearl Harbor wasn’t a war crime.

My (paternal) grandfather was an American citizen and a member of John Philip Sousa’s band, a FreeMason and a good friend of Harry Houdini (also a FreeMason). As such, I could have become an American citizen if proper procedures were followed (and they were not…). As a Canadian, I have always considered our “cousins” not only as such but as our very best friends in the world (which they are!). What happened 75 years ago was horrible and should serve as a lesson to all future generations!