Pebble watch

I bought the Pebble watch about 2 months ago and love the product. When I am with clients and my phone is ringing, I get a text or an email, a glance to my watch and a quick glimpse lets me know if its important.

It is durable, waterproof and the great thing about it is the open source code for the watch.

The android watch is another option, but I have an Iphone, so its not for me.

I love the watch and bought one for my family members. They all love it. I hear Apple is coming out with their own watch, but I like this because it is pretty universal and the open source code is a great idea as well.

For those on the fence, I think best buy has a 14 day money back guarantee if you just want to try it out.

I live it and find it very helpful. You have to be in Bluetooth range of your phone and I find it much more professional to glance at my watch instead of pulling my phone out and looking…

Just my two cents…

If we all start our own product reviews we can help our brothers out and even save them from making the same mistakes we made when we purchase a poor product…just an idea