Peg holes in rafters

Anyone else ever see something like this? There appear to be ~2" diameter holes in 4x6 rafters that have been plugged with wooden pegs. The building is quite old so maybe this is something builders did a long time ago.


I would guess that these are used logs from a timber framed home, barn etc, that was reused after filling holes.

This is what I was talking about. The vertical members with logs attached every two feet.

Thanks Roy - Not knowing what a “Trunnel” is, I googled it & just finished reading about them. Interesting - Learn something new every day :smile:

That’s why I post it that way, so people would look it up to find out for themselves.

One of those looks very weathered, could be these.

I bet you hit it.

I knew it looked familiar. Good research, John! :slight_smile: