Pembroke sponsoring 2-day Infrared Certified training in San Francisco on Dec 3-4.

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Pembroke is a dealer for this camera.

Here is another version of it:

Ideal 61-844

Unless they have recently upgraded their line, none of their cameras meet the 120x120 and 100mk requirements for Resnet.


Here are 2 that do:

hehe that is a Fluke. I was referring to the Pembroke.

That oven / microwave leak detector is cool. How does that work?


You might want to check your sources…

This one is 640x480

no need…that camera, my friend, is an Electrophysics unit, not a Pembroke. The upper most left image in that first link you posted is from a HotShot HD-XT (640x480). If you look in the show me the resolution thread, you will see that same exact image. It has also been on our site, in the Electrophysics section, for about a year.

Pembroke is just an Electrophysics dealer. Electrophysics is actually now owned by Sofradir out of France. We have been an Electrophysics dealer for about a year now.

According to your first link (the Pembroke one), the 4010 is 160x120 and 100mk. So I stand corrected on the Resnet thing, but like my previous post said they might have upgraded units since I last looked at their line several months ago. The other three that are on that page are all 150mk, that does not meet the Resnet standard. I am sure, as an energy auditor instructor, you already know the Resnet IR standard.

If you want to see some impressive detectors go to the main Sofradir site. The Jupiter detector is their newest. I believe it is 1280xsomething. I think they also make a higher rez short wave core. I believe that Sofradir only sells cores. They sell cameras through their Electrophysics unit. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Jupiter detector, or similiar 1000x??? rez core to end up in a new Electrophysics unit soon.


Pembroke is not trying to offer inferior IR cameras and I am not selling cameras.

This class will also be offered in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, later this year. Working with the Chicagoland and Wisconsin NACHI Chapters. Also carries 12 hours of state CE.

Both are looking for an infrared camera sponsor or two to attend.

Hope this helps;

will this be offered in canada

If you know of 10 people that want a class, I will come.

So will I.

I am the President of Pembroke Instruments, LLC and Nick kindly assisted in helping me become a member tonight so I could set the record straight on the cameras we sell and our company.

  1. IRISYS Model 4010

The 4010 represents tremendous value for a 160X120 thermal imaging camera. Quite some time ago, IRISYS recognized the need to align with proposed RESNET standards and meets the spec for temperature sensitivity of .1 deg. C @ 30 deg. C

Thousands of 4010’s have been sold worldwide for home and building inspection and preventive maintenance applications. We have found this product very popular with our customers and we continue to buy larger lots to maintain inventory. So far, we have never had a serious (or even minor) customer complaint. Our customers are involved with home and building inspection, energy audits, research, and industrial preventive maintenance.

  1. Pembroke Instruments, LLC

We are an LLC under the State of California, incorporated in 2007. Our lead sales and technical support personnel (including myself) have advanced degrees in physics and chemistry and all key personnel have previously worked for leading imaging companies serving military night vision, medical, and research applications. I myself have designed leading CCD and CMOS cameras for scientific and industrial applications. I also review export regulations for the US Dept. of Commerce and Dept. of State and thermal imaging specifications are an important part of this work.

The last thing we are is an “” type shop. We create value for our customers by providing and maintaining a very high level of technical service for all our customers. We have very high customer retention; to work in my company you have to put the customer first in all situations.

Regarding our relationship with IRISYS: we are a distributor, not a dealer. Dealers usually work under a master distributor or even additional layers. We work directly with the manufacturer, IRISYS. We are financially strong; we can buy in large quantities in pass along discounts to our customers. Our aggressive pricing attracts customers; our flexibility and after sale support is also a reason for our success.

  1. Cameras we offer with John McKenna’s Course

We offer the 4010 + John’s two course for $3999 which we believe is an exceptional value. Our course brochure clearly indicates visually and in text that the IRISYS model 4010 is offered with this package.

We are honored to have John’s participation in our training events and we look forward to seeing some of you in December in San Francisco.

Please contact me at if you have any questions about our products or company.


Sorry about the dealer comment. I stand corrected, that you are in fact a distributor for IRISYS.

As for the 4010 meeting the Resnet standard, I already corrected that in an above post. (see pdf link below)

For those not familiar with the camera standards section of the Resnet IR standard, it calls for at least 120x120 resolution and 100mk thermal sensitivity.

Just so you know your datasheet on the 4010 on your site shows 150mk. If that is a typo you might want to have that fixed. I also think you have a typo on the emmisivity correction. Your PDF shows .2 to 1.0 and the IRISYS shows .1 to 1.0.