Pendant Luminaires

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was a beautiful fixture. . . :wink:


Looks real nice.

Was it safety glass?

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The real question is whether it was 8 feet above the tub rim

It was four feet above the rim. Most people couldn’t stand in the tub without this hitting them in the head. . .

Nice picture Jeff.

Nice, worth a thousand words, but most of them are “bad words.” :frowning:



handicap handhold:D


…(ducks and runs)

ahh…whats the pink thing on the left…looks like a Pretty IV Drip Setup…

That’s a floor lamp immitating a pretty IV stand. It’s there as a back up.

yeah…if the light over the tub does not kill ya…you have a back up to get the job done…:slight_smile:

Does the 8-foot rule apply to low voltage?

that is an excellent question.
Because there is no voltage stipulation in the requirements of 410.4(D), it includes all voltages.

And because a Luminaire is a Luminaire…in that location as Pierre stated…it would have to be governed by that requirement 410.4(D)

Amazing enough many do not know that lets say …can 18V kill you…well you tell me…

If it only roughly takes 1/10th of an AMP to kill you…is it possible???

short answer…YES