Pending Home Sales Increase in April

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In the brokerage industry, this small rise in a declining market is known as a “dead cat bounce”

Mr. negative, do you ever see the good in anything?

That’s right,to you the glass is neither half full, nor half empty:
There was never even a glass!!!

This may be a sign that things are beginning to turn around.

Think positive!!!

The only signs I watch is how many inspections do I have scheduled? Right now my next available appointment isn’t untill Friday, and I had to get a substitute for my BNI meeting on Wednsady. I only did one today though. Things have been looking pretty good to me!

John writes:

Denver market here seems strong too.


Don’t forget:

I work daily without any pension or other checks to help me along. It’s better to know the truth than to make plans/investments on thinking postive and hoping!!~!