Pennsylvania Governor vetoes home inspector licensing

I’m happy for those that get properly qualified and, well, Oh Man!..the flood gates will open.

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Is this move good news or bad news for Nachi inspectors in PA?
What is your opinion?

IMO, good for members of any trade organization that actually tests and certifies members. Bad for the general public.

Licensing is good for InterNACHI, so the veto is bad for InterNACHI.
Licensing is good for newbies, so the veto is bad for newbies.
Licensing is bad for veteran inspectors so the veto is good for veteran inspectors.
Licensing is good for CMI®s so the veto is bad for CMI®s.

Thanks for your input,Nick.That is how I interpreted it also.

Makes you wonder what they use the error and omissions insurance for. Pennsylvania has no SOP.