pennsylvania hic test

Looking for help on how to find out where to take the residential home inspectors test. I am at 90 inspections and want to get things lined up.

In PA you have to be a member of InterNACHI, no other exam required by law.

Not doubting you but are you sure. All the research I’ve done requires that you do 100 fee paid, supervised inspections. Then you have to pass a third party administered test. Wouldn’t I have to register with the state in some way ?

I’m 100% sure. I wrote the PA regulation. The supervision doesn’t have to be on-site. There is no third-party test (other than the one you took for InterNACHI). And there is no office to register with the state as there is no licensing in PA.

Here, read it for yourself:


A PA HIC (Home Improvement Contractor) License is not required.
Nick and I were very proactive in the institution of the PA Home Inspection Law many years ago.
No One knows PA Home Inspection Law better than Nick Gromicko
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Nick, Joe,
Thanks, This is all new to me and everyone I ask has a different answer.
Thanks for the help.

I will most likely be calling you in the near future.
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