Pennsylvania NACHI member wins free website as door prize.

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For Immediate Release

Yalia Technology Design would like to congratulate Mark Long of Peace of Mind Home Inspections, winner of a free web site at the Western Pennsylvania NACHI chapter meeting held March 18th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Please check out Mark?s new web site at

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I'm glad you gave this some more attention. I mentioned it also in my own post, last week, but it may not have received as much attention as when you post. Roberta, from Yalia, has been great to work with and I'm very pleased with my site. I sincerely thank her for making this site available to me at such a reasonable price (FRREEE!). I also want to thank the Pittsburgh Chapter for offering the door prize as well, although I personally went there for the education, exchange of ideas and comraderie with fellow inspectors. (Winning the door prize was a nice added bonus!)