Penny for your thoughts: sloppy work or vandalism?

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Folks, just a few quick pix from newcon inspection the other day. The roof was the most surprising in terms of defects, of which there were several. The sheer number of damaged tiles and flashings, the high number of various fasteners (screws, 10D, and roofing nails) strewn about, and cracked window all point to either a very inexperienced/rushed crew or a really pissed off one. Of course none of this opinion made it to the punch list I made for the buyer. I am seeing this stuff with increasing frequency on the lower end newcon homes, including cigarettes snubbed out on Romex sheathed cables, trash/debris shoved in cavities, etc.

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That would be the typical of today’s construction in my area, especially flips. I see nothing unusual.

yes, unfortunately, Simon is correct.

Nobody gives a crap anymore, they are just looking for a quick buck.

Just wondering……… Why do you care?
Sounds like nitpicking to me.

Because I am a contractor. I don’t care if you think it’s nit picking. People should (& most do) take pride in their work. When they don’t, there’s usually a reason. Dumping a can of fasteners on a roof is acting out, why?

It’s money in the bank for me, it’s just sad that subcontractor/employee frustration is just one more reason to hire a home inspector…

Well said!!

This is typical in Utah as well. I call it out every time i see it. Calling out damaged shingles isn’t nit picky, its your job.

I wonder if there’s a market angle to this? If builders aren’t going to do any sort of quality control of the work, then maybe pointing out that fact in our marketing/outreach may bring in more oversight inspections. I think it’s worth a try: nothing ventured, nothing gained…