People on the coast need to get ready...

big hurricane is coming, please don’t wait until the last minute, and please don’t stay. You are being prayed for!

Which Coast!!

Texas probably, anywhere on Gulf possible.

Follow the projected track on a Google Earth overlay here.

How do you get all your information Ken??? I had no clue,… :mrgreen:

Yeah, Pete, we don’t get any of that info in the NW!
After 2 insps around Wallace today, we stopped for calzones & I sat in front of the big TV there to see Weather Channel (we only have NetFlix, no reception!)
Lotsa stuff happening out there!

No kidding! LOL

Hey Russ,
We (Family) went camping at the beginning of the month over in Coeur D’Alene,… Heyburn state park actually,… you my friend have a beautiful state.
We drove by a Realtor sign for a 3 bedroom, 1 bath rambler and were curious about pricing, so we stopped to pick up a flyer, $6 Million dollars!!!:shock: WHAT??? We’ll it turns out it was way up on this high peak over looking the whole lake,… BEAUTIFUL,… if only I had 6 million dollars though, HA! :mrgreen:

In the proces of researching energy for a green building course I stumbled across the Oil Drum.