People start getting it

They really do. For the first time in ten years I was chosen by the client for…being the most expensive. Go figure. We all know about the price shoppers looking for the cheapest inspector in town. This client seemed to be one of them because when the phone call starts with the question “How much?” if you answer it directly, you know what happens next. Right? So instead of giving him my price for the inspection I start telling him about my services, including ancillary services, my high rating on Home Stars, BBB and “All experts” directory, etc. And only at the very end I gave him a price of $500 for 2500 sq.ft home. His answer was: “You are the most expensive but probably this price speaks about the quality of your service. I will go with you”. Nice.:smiley:

Good for you well deserved .I do hope more follow you to help improve our Industry … All the best… Roy

Nice to hear

I know when I have a good client because they don’t even ask about price. All they say is do you have time on such & such a date, we looked at your website and decided on you.:smiley:
On a side note that is what I charge also YURI.

You’re quite right, Yuri! When I get these “price shoppers” I directly tell them, you get what you pay for and I’m expensive so you get a lot.

In my area of practice, there is a slew of price cutting and I’m happy (and lucky) to say that it hardly impacts on my business.

So let the buyer beware - of price cutters!

And that is too bad. Got a cal from an agent shopping for her clients. It seems that all she was interested in was a bottom low price. Apparently she promised her client to pay for the home inspection and now was looking for a cheap inspector. I guess she can only afford paying $300 from the thousands in her commission and she doesn’t care how this “service” will impact her client.:frowning:

But Yuri, if you were only chosen once in 10 years for being the most expensive then how did you get all your other jobs? Must be your good looks :wink:

10 years ago the prices were different. But you probably know that some inspectors still charge the same.:twisted: