Peoples insurance

I was told today that Peoples wants a “full home inspection” to write a policy. I am not sure if that is for all homes or not. Do you think this is good, bad or other wise. We called the agent and they said yes they do want it and it must say on the report “full home inspection”

I did book a full home inspection for this customer.

Debate away:twisted:

Sounds great for us.

Only problem is, are they going to define what a full home inspection is for each and every house?

Be careful what you wish for. Now some bottom feeders will be doing $50 home inspections.

What would qualify as a full home inspection for their purposes? by which SOP would it be preformed. Sounds like a lot more liability for the Home Inspector since the insurance companies usually have a plethora of layers on retainer.

What Ken says…what is a complete inspection!..I agree.

As far as liability, I see less than doing it for a buyer…remember:
**This inspection is being **performed for your insurance company at your request. It is intended for insurance underwriting purposes only.

Agree with above. What is a “Home Inspection” in their eyes? I think this will mislead people into thinking that something like a 4 point is a “Home Inspection”. I never think they should tread on our ground and call it a “HOME INSPECTION” and call it something else like a “detailed insurance inspection” or it will create a ton of confusion.


A thorough 4 point would just about cover all issues. Add Strucure/Crawl space for the 5th point
And condition of all Interior/Exterior Surfaces for 6th point(indications of settlement).
Condition of surfaces would be Driveway, Lot, Exterior Walls, Interior Walls/Ceilings/Floors, do all windows and doors open and close properly.

…and Swimming Pool Safety if they have one.

I think if they want it then they should pay for it. Not the Clients. I hate screwing the guys who pays me.

Here is the letter.

This is their web site:

uh-oh…careful what you wish for Mikie

This smells of conflict of interest. Investigation reveals a very cozy relationship between Rapid Response and Peoples Insurance- all in the name of “preferred provider” and “helping the people”.

I do not wish it at all and am against it.

But it is the way it should be.

i agree…

again, be careful what you wish for. If the insurance company pays, you can bet that it will be done by their “preferred provider” and I would also bet that the “preferred provider” would not be you- or me- or any other independent operator unless you agreed to be enslaved by the “preferred provider”.

That is exactly why the home owner hired me.

Everyone be sure to fill out the form and join my team at “Peoples” because we care …

That is how I try to sell them as well.

I work for the client not the Insurance Company.