People's Republic of Massachusettes loses Ted Kennedy's seat to a Republican!

Virginia, New Jersey, now Mass.

The country is starting to wake up. We the people as they would say. Are tired of the wasteless spending.

All the government spending of other people’s money is what is preventing quick recovery. It’s kind of like taking SUDAFED, it may make you “feel” better, but it just makes the cold last longer.


I am surprised that you did not hear the screams of joy coming from my house!:smiley:

This seat has been held by the “Democratic Party” for the past 47-years!

Martha Coakly and her crowd made a big mistake when they called it “Ted Kennedy’s seat”!

They forgot that this Senate seat was and is “For the people”!

They also forgot that the Taxpayers of Massachusetts and taxpayers all over America are tired of the “Good Old Boy” network making shady deals in smoke filled rooms at 3:00 in the morning!

The nation saw that in a State where the Democrats outnumber the Republicans 2 to 1 people of Massachusetts showed that “Business as usual” has gotten old.

In “street side interviews” Democrats who voted for Obama said that they could not in good conscience vote for Coakly just because she was a Democrat!

The people… Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have spoken LOUD & CLEAR !

It is time for ALL Incumbents to sit up and pay attention! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the Dem voters are suffering from “buyer’s remorse” :smiley: Unemployment real rate is over 17%.

Let’s party… tea party that is…:slight_smile:

I think you got it right…

Virginia, New Jersey, Mass… 2 points make a line, 3 points make a trend.

People’ Perceptions…

In 2008 u were an idiot if you were a Republican…

In 2010/11 what do you think people’s perception of the Dem’s will be?

Getting easier to predict…