Peoples Trust WTF

Just had a guy from Peoples Trust tell me his client would get cheaper insurance with a Toe Nail rating over a clip.

Has anyone ever heard such nonsense???

Maybe they are having csr’s writing policies again. Was he in a booth at the flea market?


Nope some fool that called me and claimed he had run it past higher ups.

I sugested that he saved his company millions by fiuxixing their program that gives greater discounts for toenails compoared to clips.

I could not believe it and had nothing to sugest to the client to do except shop someone else.

Peoples trust has seemed one of the better ones before today.

I even said I would change it to toenail because who would come after me for saying something was less beneficial than better.

I have no Idea how to help a client when the agent tells me that toenails gives them a better rate than clips???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Whats a CSr?

Somebody is messin with ya. CSR - Customer Service Rep (not the agent)

Not me the poor client. I told her they were crazy and told the guy he was mistaken. He did not seem to care about common sense only what the program spit out. Fool.

She will take her biz elsewhere I am sure :frowning: