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I’ve been presented with an interesting proposal. The board of directors at my subdivision wants me to inspect the exterior of all the properties where I live…This will amount to 9 or 10 8-plexes, including common elements.

They want me to bill out at an hourly rate…I’ve never done this before. Typically, I make between $80 - $100/hr on inspections. Any input from you guys? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I think it’s only fair that you pay them. I mean, look how much experience you’re going to get. :wink:

Seriously, why not quote them what you said here? I suppose you have to balance how much work is there against what else is going to come in while you’re busy and how bad you want the work, etc. Then maybe they can be flexible somewhat timewise and you can do the other work too.

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if someone wants me to charge them on an hourly rate I will charge $150 per hour.

Thanks guys…I appreciate the sincere responses…

I call this a consultation inspection.

No report, $150 / hr.

Report, $225 / hr.

What do you think you are worth? Your time, your experience, your work.

Think about it.

Hope this helps;

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Charge anything less than $100 per hour for all your time including report preperation time, and you are not charging what you’re worth.

Your hourly charge need to carry the appropriate burden int erms of your overall costs of doing business. Avoid the tmeptation to do aotherwise without a clear advantage to you and your business.

   Fixed Overhead Burden per hour
   Any variable or job type costs
  • Your Profit Margin
     Hourly Rate

Now from experience I’d say to avoid charging by the hour as it only exposes your pricing to criticism from your customers and potential customers. There is no upside to doing that.

By charging by the job you get your customers focused on the value of your service to them and not on the hourly rate that you need to charge to operate your business at a profit.

Of course if you have MS Excel on your computer follow the link in my signature and download FREE trial version of my software which will answer these questions for you quickly and easily.