Per Inspection Insurance

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Is there a pay per inspection insurance policy out there? My primary career has recovered from all of the drama from the last two years, and I’m now only inspecting 1-2 homes a month; don’t have the time or need to do more. Hate to keep paying the monthly premium , feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth anymore.

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Can you pay per inspection and still have tail coverage?

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Putting myself in the insurance company’s shoes - if an inspector is only doing 1-2 jobs/month (for whatever reason) I’m going to charge A LOT. As with any skill, body part, etc., if you don’t use it, it’s not going to work very well when you do.


Yep. It’s kinda like saying I only want to pay for medical insurance when I go to the doctor.


Thanks for the responses thus far. I understand the possibly high expense per inspection, however it might just be cheaper than paying a full month’s insurance for just one or two. Yet another downside of socialistic insurance…I can’t just get what I need. Is anyone familiar with a legit per use policy?