Perceptive Graphics is the Best!!

Sent my new business card order out this afternoon to be made, and forgot one small detail. So I sent an email tonight at 10 pm to tell them to stop and let me fix it.

Got a response from John immediately telling me it was done.

The customer service alone is by far worth the extra you may pay…
I won’t go anywhere else…

That is how I felt by of all places the “Office Max” nearby.
1,000 double sided with raised print and photo on the back for $88.
No place online can even touch that price.

A little over a year ago Minutemanprint ran a special on 4 color double sided uv coated business cards. 5000 for $69. I am set for life. If any of you run out of business cards let me know I will gladly send you some of mine.

I never figure the big selling point of UV protection.You guys taking them to the beach or what?

I use this seller/ printer on eBay. Fast delivery and high quality.