Perfect response

Clients, but more importantly Realtors often drop the question at the end of the Inspection " so, what do you think? Can we move forward on this?" What’s your response to this? I try to give them a short summary and tell them I’ve still got a bit of homework to do before I can answer that. I usually get an unusual look.

If it’s the client asking, then the answer is fully up to them. Literally. If it’s the buyer’s agent, I refer them to their buyer. Again, it’s the buyer’s choice, not anyone else.

If it’s a listing agent asking, then anything I tell them typically has to be noted on the seller’s disclosure forms. The questions may abruptly end.

I have always said that the job of the inspector is to provide Information as to the condition of the property from a safety and structural view poi t. The decision to move forward is solely in the hands of the client.


I will tell the buyers that I don’t appraise houses, and don’t know what its worth. just take into account the defects we found and timeframe they need to be addressed in, as well as estimated lifespans of larger items, make sure you can afford to purchase and maintain the house.


Exactly, Nathan! :smile:

“That’s not a question for me to answer.”

“I give you the information on the condition of the residence. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to move forward.”

We get all types of questions like this and it’s best NOT to try and answer.