Performing Inspections for Sellers.

Do any inspectors on here have a strong approach to doing pre-listing inspections for sellers; ie) free radon testing, discounted price, etc? If so what are the benefits that you offer and is your pricing the same for the sellers home or do you have different pricing than if it was on the buyers end?

When you used the word “FREE” I quit reading…:smiley:

Agree. The value of anything free drops to nothing, while retaining all the liability.

Your price is a declaration of your perception of the value of your time and expertise.

The process of selling involves persuading your customer that your product is worth more than you are asking for it. Convince yourself, then work on others.

There is not a big demand for seller inspections where I am, I have only done one in 5 years.
A problem I can see from the seller’s POV is that they probably know plenty about their house based on living in it for however long, why pay for an inspection report of stuff they know, or think they know, which is the same thing from their perspective, so why pay someone to tell them what they already know? An inspection can only be no news or bad news, ignorance is bliss :slight_smile:

Please don’t ever give away any service for FREE and ruin the industry for the rest of us who actually make a great living by charging good money for our excellent services.


We charged same price and gave them a Pen with our name on it .
We went through a lot of pens and some are till working many years later .

Hi Roy, glad to see you’re back!


If you want to give them an incentive, give them a discount when they follow the pre-list inspection with a buyers inspection on their next home, keep it modest and not “free”.