Performing Radon Test

Is there a special license you have to have to place a short-term charcoal radon test on a house that you inspecting. Basically, the same ones that you can buy at store.

I can only help you if you life in VA. Where do you live? Either way though, I wouldnt use the ones you buy at the store.

Illinois and they are through Air Check Labs.

In Florida you have to be state certified. Your state may be different. You should Google the Department of Health for your state and check the requirements.

Radon Testing is a Licensed Business activity in Illinois…

We aren’t charging for the test and let them know if its high to contact a licensed mitigation company for further test and advice how to treat it. We service probably the highest radon level area in the state and just do it as a complimentary service and peace of mind.

You can get the license in a two day class, then you can advertise and charge for it.

Walking on shaky ground there.
Prove that you are not charging for the testing.

You are willing to set up and tear down on your own dime.
Are you sure you did not increase your inspection fee to offer this free radon test?

I think if challenged you would be in a bit of trouble with the licensing authority, unless you get some form of written permission that you are ok operating like this I would not do it.

Thats kinda funny…that dog will not hunt ANYWHERE. If your providing the service and giving results, you doing so against the law. UNLESS…You are doing EVERYTHING for free. Then you might be OK.

If that was acceptable, what would stop anyone from doing anything that needs a license, without having a license? Ummmm…I am replacing their roof, but I am doing it for free, they are paying me to sweep the top bare portion of their sheathing for $12,500. I just had to remove the shingles to do so…

IEMA gives these short term tests out FREE of charge (the exact same ones offered by Midland & Associates) to ALL Illinois residents just by clicking on a link on their website, there is NO upcharge for this public awareness service and is only available with a Home Inspection. Under NO circumstances do we claim to be licensed to test for Radon or do we generate the results for these tests. If the sale of the home is contingent based on the level of radon in that home the use of a licensed radon specialist is recommended and we will not provide the FREE short term test. No where on the report are test results mentioned or displayed. If we handed each one of our clients a short term test and they conducted the test themselves would they be in violation of state licensing requirements? Thank You for all of your responses.

You’re asking the wrong people, you need to ask an Illinois lawyer (one that would be willing to defend you). Here all you’ll get is opinion, so here’s mine:
You only give them out with a home inspection so directly or indirectly they are figured into the cost of the inspection. Now if you gave them out to every one that asked then you can call it a public service.
Personally, Florida has licensing for Radon testing, I chose to get educated, get licensed, be legal and get paid for the service.

the same test are handed out for free in Iowa also If you call the number or stop at the office and ask for them.

You are allowed to test for yourself without a license.

If you are performing the test for someone else,
Receiving compensation for the test,
Then You must be licensed.

Like others have stated. Contact your local authorities and run your scenario past them see what they have to say about it.
I can almost guarantee the answer will be that you need to be a licensed Radon Measurement Specialist.

(420 ILCS 44/25)
Sec. 25. License requirement. Beginning January 1, 1998, no person shall sell a device or perform a service for compensation to detect the presence of radon or radon progeny in the indoor atmosphere, perform laboratory analysis, or perform a service to reduce the presence of radon or radon progeny in the indoor atmosphere unless the person has been licensed by the Agency. The application procedures for a license shall be established by rule of the Agency. This Section does not apply to retail stores that only sell or distribute radon sampling devices but are not engaged in the manufacture of radon sampling devices or a relationship with the client for other services such as home inspection or representation as in a real estate transaction.


Well that’s pretty definitive.

Your Business efforts and expense in complying with Radon License Requirements…
are much better placed…
in finding ways to comply with Licensure…

than to find ways to deviate from and circumvent…
It is a reflection upon your business…

take the 2 day class… why fight it?

You must Take the Illinois State Exam it is free. But I recommend you do an online radon measurement course prior to taking the exam.

For Illinois, you can’t just take any Radon prep course. Classroom or online. It must be IEMA certified. The application fee for technician is $125.00.