On a Condo, when you figure the perimeter footage to get overall length of hip and non-hip, is the entire building considered or figure the footage split between each units to get the total ?


This has been answered on here before but if the firewall goes through the roof you separate the measurement if it does not (in this case) you measure the entire perimeter. As well, in this case the percentage will be the same because of the mirror image.

Thanks Fred, just in a hurry this morning. Seems all mine in the past have either been “other” with over 10% or all hip.
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I’ll bet that one is other :slight_smile:

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Just the 2 garage gables and the gable in between the 2 garages looks like 10+% to me.

Does this change the rating from the 50% of a major wall? I guess the reps forgot to speak up at the meeting in Tally…