Perma-Chink as Exterior Covering

I recently inspected a home with chinking material as a stucco-like covering. Anybody seen this before? Life-expectancy? Repair? Perm rating?

Alpine Home Inspection

I’m not familiar with using it like that, for siding.

Maybe ask these guys:

PS: I really like the simple lines of that home.

That sure looks like a base coat prior to a stucco finish to me.
There is a limitation on exposed based coats.
Also flashing requirements that I can see.
Also hope that all that glazing is tempered.


I had used a masonry paint years ago which was quite thick and heavy with suspended solids. It was a waterproofing coating for sub or above grade and recommended for interiors before finishing as well as exterior application. This was not a water borne product. I’m talking 20 years ago so details such as the manufacturer have been lost. I don’t know if this is even available anymore, it may have been eliminated. I really liked the product as it could be rolled on with a thick nap wool roller. It looked similar to what you see in this picture. The stuff would really bond very well. This was not the two part epoxy masonry paint which was also quite popular for a time. That was especially nasty.

It’s Perma-chink alright. Of course they don’t want to say it’s OK for this type of application. It’s already bulging and cracking in places. It’s just hard to make a judgement on longevity.

It sounds like it is already failing.

Synthetic chinking is not designed to be installed as a continuous exterior coating. I would certainly disclaim it and recommend contacting the manufacturer as Larry recommended.
I’m not surprised Permachink says it’s not right. It’s not. How do you know it’s Permachink?
I wouldn’t touch longevity at all.