Permaseal roof

I’ve got a house with a Permaseal coated roof today. I asked about a similar one a few months ago.

Since this is a roof coating and not a “roof covering” it would not be acceptable for credit on the 1802 correct?

Or if it is a “roof covering” and I can locate a FL approv. # / Miami Dade # would this suffice for 1802 credit? What if it was installed off permit but the materials have approval?


I would not use a coating as a approval for a roof covering. If you wanted to list it, then the “other” roof covering would need an approval also.

What I’m wondering is even if I find a Florida product approval number, this will likely not meet uplift requirements since the roof was likely not renailed. The roof that was coated over is a 1993 tile.

Sounds like a non-compliant roof that is at or near the end of it’s useful service life has been coated over.
I wouldn’t even use the word sealed. :slight_smile:

The installer/roofer offers a 20 year leak free warranty. I found moisture in a wall and cracks in the coating. I think the buyers might be making use of the warranty.