Permeability ratings in basements

High guys I’m reading really conflicting info from owings corning vrs eps manufactures on claims water retention and permeability and vapor drive. Is it better to use basement materials that are semi permeable open cell. I’m reading that even closed cell foam holds water and dries slower.
I can’t understand why xps foam would not just create a mold problem against foundation wall. Dose it have any permeability? Why not leave an air gap. If you look at the the owings corning install video they lady is installing it over a textured block foundation. This to me indicates they are afraid to claim it can have zero air circulation.
On the subject of flooring. Wouldn’t vinyl flooring just trap mold as well.
Thanks for any help understanding this. August

Open cell can suck up moisture like a sponge. Closed cell does not and is excellent at water and air sealing. It is used as floatation for sealing and floatation for boats…

Closed cell does have a low permeability, meaning it restricts vapour transmission. I am confused why that would increase probability of mold growth. What does mold need to grow?

If you have some leftovers that have mold in your fridge it is because there was the moisture and air at the top of the container. If it were full to the brim with food it would not have the conditions for mold to grow. (Little air) – what would making an air gap in the wall do? You want the foam to fill the voids eliminating areas for convective currents.