Permissible to sell HIP license after 3 months of use?

I have the feeling the answer is no. But I’ll ask anyway. Is it permissible to sell my HIP license? I purchased in early Dec. 2015 and am now leaving the HI business after barely getting up and running. I just read someone trying to sell their Homeguage license and thought I’d at least ask. I’m obviously trying to recoup some of my losses.

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Why do you post this on a MB? There is only one entity that can definitively answer your query… HIP. Contact them directly.

Yeah, that’ll be my next step I guess. Just thought since this is the HIP section and I know Dom looks here periodically I might get an answer. Also, possibly other Nachi members may have experience if it is permitted to do so.

Hi Justin,

Unfortunately no, if you’ve purchased a permanent license they’re not transferable.