Permit information

Did you know that you can get free permit information here?


Looks very similar to Buildfax, which you have to pay for.

Wow Frank, you find some pretty cool stuff

Stumbled upon it. Free is good. Right?


I put in my house and compared that to what the city has online.

This page went into a lot more detail, but only covered the last 10 years.
The city had going back to when the house was built, but only vague information about each permit.

I was thinking to add it to the report and suggest that the client may want to use it for further investigation. With disclaimer of course that I don’t guarantee the information.

Sounds like a great benefit to the client, but also risky. Keep us updated on how that goes.

Very limited areas covered…

Excellent, thank you

The map you linked to is active permits. It seems to cover all or most of my area. And it’s free. Did I mention that?

So you are telling me NOWHERE in the cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul or the entire state of Minnesota, with the exception of one city of 100k, there are any active permits?

Uh, NO!

As for FREE… yes, you always get exactly what you pay for!!!

That is cool. I will definitely be using that site.

I got quite a few hits for St. Paul.What are you using for search address?

Address you posted…

Nothing listed in the area!

I tried two addresses of new builds I am doing Phase inspections on. I have had the permits in my hands.

No biggie. Researching permits is out of my SOP anyway.

So did you put Minneapolis in the search box?

Already wasted too much time on this gimmick. M-o-o-ving on…

I just call the local building office and ask what permits were issued and the results if I have a question about something sketchy.

That’s nice if you’re in a place where you can actually talk to someone. When you call a building department here you get to leave a message on voicemail, and maybe you’ll get a return call the same day.

…or the home is in an area that even has an official ‘building department’ or requires permits for other than wells/septic!