Permit question

so I noticed when I was doing my research that there were multiple permits in inactive status on a condo that had undergone a complete gut from a fire.
They have a pass on the final but I do not see a CO and the status shows inactive with a 150 day notice sent to the owner.
Now this property has already changed hands once since this inactive permit and has two more permits logged in. both mechanical for a central AC system install. one shows closed and the other shows inactive as well.
Can anyone give me any insight into this? My guess is it is clerical error however since a friend of mine is involved in this ( I know I dont do code inspections or searches) It would be nice to know if there could be an issue in getting the permits closed.

Talk with the AHJ, that is always the best bet

Lots of permits are started, and never finished. Most jurisdictions will close them for “admin” reasons, with the fine print stating that they will have to start the permitting process all over again, if its been too long.
I usually just report what the status is, to the buyers, for their curiosity.

On certain permits if it deals with repairs you don’t necessary get a CO. You just close out the permit with all your final inspections. CO’s are issue for newly built homes. There may be some additional fees to pay on the permit that is not allowing the permit to be finaled out due to unpayed red tags. You should be able to look that up also.