Persistence pays off!

Hi Guys/Gals!

I’m fairly new to the site and have mostly used it as an informative tool up until now. I hope to continue to learn from everyone as I start my inspection career.

I recently passed the NHIE in KY and also plan to be lisc. in WV since I’m on the border line. I have studied NHIE book from front to back over the past 3 months in hopes to pass this thing and it finally paid off. I hope that anyone that is studying or maybe has failed to keep trying because its a passable test, but you “must” read the book and understand the material. It may take reading it more then once. I also attended the AHIT course(actually failed the in-class exam, re-took it a couple weeks later), went through all PSI practice exams, flash cards and every other test I could find along with at least 50 pages of study notes. You have to stay motivated or at least have a “why” behind wanting to pass. Good luck to everyone!


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Congratulations, Paul! :smile: