Pesky Pests or?

I don’t run into termites much in the Denver area, but we definetly have them around. 1954 home, origional flooring. Would anyone agree this may be termite damage? Any other explanations?

As always, I appreciate your input!



bk?? full-size image.
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“Damage appeared to be the result of the actions of wood-destroying insects. The Inspector recommends that the home be inspected by a qualified pest control contractor”.

You notice here Tom, nobody wants to say “yes” or “no”!

Looks like my mother’s hardwood floors from her 1953 home in SoCal. In her case, it was drywood termites. Try looking here:

termites, yes

It looks like we have concensus! Thanks for the info everyone!

The term “active” is the next important word

Also the question of “where else”?


Active or not - if evidence is noted it should be referred to a pest control specialist. It says so on the back of the Wood Destroying Insect Report (NPMA-33). They then have to determine what type of treatment is needed: precautionary barrier bait traps or liquid. :slight_smile:

Absolutely TERMITES.

Treat & Repair…

Treat yes but, but, repair? That “distressed flooring” look is all the rage…ask the agents or decorators :twisted: