Pesky telemarketers got you down?

Good news is around the corner for you:

Dont want to wait? Try here:

Done, hope it works…

Thanks for the link Brian.

This is Better—:shock:

thanks Brian

Brian tried the link it does not work entered two different names and pass words both rejected as they where allready in use.

Tell them you are on a roof in the middle of an inspection, you can always hang up in the middle of their apology about midway through a scream!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Actually I tried to copy this one time and got part way through before he hung up…

Dave you crack me up…:mrgreen:

I hope this works, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Emphasize the number of shell casings that need to be picked up!:mrgreen:

I used my own name and phone number, had no problem. How many guys you know with the name Brian Jones? There were 5 of us in Meaford when I lived there. There are 3 of us in Coe Hill.