Pest Activity

If a home has squirrel activity in the attic (squirrel footprints on ducts, and trails in the insulation), and portions of the fascia board covered with hardware cloth, should the inspector be expected (by standards) to report both of these in his inspection report?

What standards? How 'bout you’re duty/job to the paying client? Is this something you would want to know if you were buying a home?
What’s it going to hurt if you let the clients know - lol?

I agree with Joshua, you would want to know. If you feel uncomfortable putting it in a report (some states license who can inspect for wildlife) tell them verbally and include some pictures. I don’t get hung up on a few mouse traps but I entered an attic earlier this year with over 20 traps and 5 rat traps. Yes, they were happy to be told. Also went into a garage attic and found over a dozen bats. Again, something they were happy I told them.

Forget the SOP …
I would note critter activity noted at several location in the attic area. And refer.
If you didn’t see a squirrel call it a critter.

I suspect the OP is a home owner, not an inspector.

It should be reported if indeed the evidence was there at the time of inspection.

Its not really possible to determine when the critters got into the attic,based upon the information provided.

On the other hand, if the repairs to the fascia board were done to rectify a previous critter/Squirrel problem, I would think that would not need to be reported.

Hope this helps

I find squirrels in 5 homes a year. I could pretend I didn’t see them but your client would want to know, in or not in the SOP.

Squirrels look cute but they can be very messy at times and destroys all the things around if they get access to your home. They also spreads diseases of kind as they come from dirty places. So, yes there should be an inspection if you find signs of them. It happened with me and I hired the squirrel removal NJ professionals for their permanent removal.