Pest Inspection Help - NH

We are in search of a little guidance up here in NH, so I thought I would reach out and see if we could get some guidance? There seems to be some rule changes coming with regard to VA loans and pest inspections, but the State of NH (and my attorney) can’t seem to provide a definitive answer. The state of NH does NOT offer or even require a pest inspection license.

However, under Rule 603.02 (aq)(3) states:
“Home inspectors shall not … offer or perform additional inspectional services such as engineering, architectural, surveying, plumbing, electrical, pest control, or any other inspectional service requiring an occupational license and or registration in New Hampshire unless the inspector holds a valid registration and or occupational license, in which case he or she may inform the client that he or she is so registered/licensed, and is therefore qualified to go beyond this subdivision.”

There seems to be confusion with the “inspectional services” clause in that rule. I called the chairman of the board (after speaking with the licensing clerk) to get a definitive answer on this. They were unable to give me a definitive answer but stated we should have a pest inspection license to be safe. Since there is no such thing, the license they speak of would be the pest control license (which means application of pesticides, etc…).

To complicate matters further, the VA does not allow the prospective buyer to pay for a pest inspection. Up until recently, we were permitted by the VA to provide the NPMA33 to our clients, as long as the invoice clearly stated the pest inspection was included at no charge. Now, the VA is requiring a licensed pest inspector to provide the pest inspection form, meaning a licensed pest control professional perform the pest inspection ($175). The buyers still cannot be charged for the inspection. Just yesterday, the buyer’s agent foot the bill for this - but that’s a whole different can of worms.

We are all a little confused here in NH, as it doesn’t seem right for us to have to spend time and money to obtain (and maintain) a pest control license, particularly where we do not and cannot perform any pest control measures, just to fill out a form that we cannot get compensated for.

If anyone can provide some guidance, or point me (us) in the direction of someone who may be able to help, I would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

Did you ever get an answer? Because I am in the same boat.

Jakob, welcome to our forum! Enjoy! :smile:

And you may have a better chance at an answer from this 3 year old post, if you contact Nicholes though his website:

Good luck!