Pet Door installed in Sliding Glass Door

Any thoughts on a pet door installed in a sliding glass door (see picture). Wasn’t sure to write this one up as a possible safety issue.

It is odd, but looks professionally done.

Since tempered glass cannot be cut, this is obviously a factory option.

looks big enough to me to allow a person to get into the home .

This might have been a better idea .


You could shut it off when going away.

I put that in about all dog doors that are bigger, even one that might allow a small person like a child in. Just to CYA.

I think he was asking if the door itself is safe, not a safety issue from an intrusion standpoint. I maintain yes, by the photos.

It looks very odd pet door installed in a sliding glass door . But it’s done very cleanly and professionaly .I think pet doors should not be installed in these doors as they doesn’t suit . But if you are having any benefit through these doors then it’s ok.

I have these friends to guarantee no entry;-) door looks fine.

You can buy a SGD with the pet door already installed.

Not an issue. I would only mention the safety barrier to make sure it stays and doesn’t get accidentally packed in the move.

I thought the same thing.

Yeap, I run into those on occasion Roy.


Burglars have also been known too use them for entry into a house.

I have heard of burglars using their small children to get through the small pet doors!

Possibly I missed the post.

Is there the marking for tempered glass?