Pete Russell just for you

:DWe do on ocassion get a bit of your snow but its no hill for a climber

I always like to look at the ridge cap as that is where the hail dings rear their ugly head first and can not see it from the ground even with a 30 foot pole and camera. Sorry Gary

;):)Hey Charley, I think Pete will tell you that is just a walk in the Park up here.

Where’s the hail damage?

None but how is one to know if you don’t look:D;-)

Even with a blow torch to melt the snow on the ridge cap, he could not find any Chris. :mrgreen::wink:

I though that was a torch down:p;-)

I guess his snow blower is in the shop. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Charlie; so sorry to hear of your misfortune… snow that is.

Marcel’s right, just a walk in the park. More snow for us tonight!!!

Peter, you getting snow from that storm down there yet?:slight_smile:

It was snowing this afternoon but has stopped.