PEX and a solution to better living...

Check out this beautiful plumbing job…:shock:

I guess the plumber wasn’t aware of the better solution,
like a manabloc :wink:


Manibloc probably cost a lot more, thereby not making it “Better” in the mind of the installer. :smiley:

Better could be subjective.

Good Lord! Was that a house or a hospital? How many supply lines does it take to plumb a house?

That could be normal. 20 cold water for a 4 or 5 bedroom, 3.5 or 4 bath. If they have a homerun for each faucet. Let’s see for a 3.5 bath home. That could be 5 sinks, 4 toilets, 3 bathtubs, 1 shower. Kitchen 2 sinks, dishwasher, fridge. 2 external hose bibs, water heater and your are done. WOW. I’m tired just counting them. :shock:

I give up. I just saw the second back with another 17 or 18 cold water. Holy Cripes…

That was my thought upon seeing this, in the basement utility room.

Yikes! what a conglomeration…

If the plumber was going to skimp on the manabloc, he certainly didn’t do the homeowner any good. All those cold and hot runs don’t have separate shutoffs either…

spring a leak somewhere? time to shut it all down to fix :roll: