Pex for solar pool heater

I know that Pex recommends that their products are not in direct sunlight. They suggest on their website that you don’t leave it in sunlight before installing, as it may degrade the material.
has anyone seen it used for pool solar? What would you say here? Its just covered with a foam insulation that is breaking apart and blowing away.

Well, Pex recommends that their pipe NOT be in direct sunlight because it may degrade it. This Pex pipe is in direct sunlight. Have a qualified professional make repairs as needed so the Pex pipe is NOT in direct sunlight.


Didn’t know if it was as big of a deal since they are not under as much pressure. Just wondering if this was common for anyone else to see, as I don’t usually do pool inspections, or if this contractor has no idea what he is doing… If this is how this contractor always installs, then they may be liable for many many other pools, as this foam obviously is not going to last more than a year in the hot florida sun!

Inspectors are the to report what they see, etc.


Didn’t know if it was as big of a deal since they are not under as much pressure`

Come on, that pipe isn’t rated for this application, it isn’t installed to any solar or plumbing standard, so it doesn’t matter what pressure it’s under.

Out of curiosity, what does the roof collector system look like?

That’s what I was trying to figure out, if it was rated for this or not. This is actually on my brother’s house in Florida, so I am not pool savvy. I don’t have a pic of the roof system.

" Didn’t know if it was as big of a deal since they are not under as much pressure."

Actually, they are. Pool pumps create a lot of pressure.

You should be talking about the incorrect insulation, not the pipe material.

Why can you see the pipe? Because the insulation failed because it is wrong for the application.

Yes, I agree it needs a different covering material, as long as the pex is sufficient for this, that is what I was trying to find out… I should have worded it different.

It is also undersized.