PEX getting colorful????

Copper theives and the price of copper bringing the use of pex to the next level. I guess I am from the old school am just not ready for this.

PEX is used here just about always now…BUT…:shock:

Is that slab ready to pour?..:shock:

I hope not:shock: Rain shut them down.

I don’t like to be the Genia pig on anything won’t even buy a car with a new style engine let some one else test it first. not me

Charley…what is that rebar on 5 foot centers or so? god looks like some amateur is building a shed foundation or something…:shock:

I thought that would get your attention, don’t think they are finished with the re-bar or at least hope they are not. No workers at the site I was inspecting across the street and sneaked over and snapped a couple of pic’s

PEX has been in use in Europe for decades with no product issues.

Blue, red and white (almost clear) has been around a long time.

As has orange (generally used for radiant heat).

PEX has been used here in new construction for the last 10 years.

Every thing moves from west to east by pony express:) :slight_smile: