Pex in Attic

Yes Mr. Adair , that is a very good point. I am mot an inspector yet, and just wanted some options in this scenario. I of course was not performing an inspection as per the regulations but my gut said that having pipe in an uninsulated space didn’t seem right and I wanted some opinions on the matter. Now I am seeing the whole picture and what the implications are if were to do an inspection and what to do about such a situation. My original question included “why would an inspector have not pointed this situation out?” It apparently is not a deficiency as far as he was concerned , but it is possibly a code violation is not a violation on recent work is a deficiency ? if not it should be, but we are not there it do code inspections, but it is a possible liability to the inspector if you don’t report it and a pipe does burst or if someone gets scalded. IF you do report it and it is a deal breaker for the client then the seller and the seller’s realtor get pissed off because it may or not be an issue. And so your reputation may become tarnished. It is all very subjective. And I’m sure I’m getting way to ahead of myself. I’ll hopefully be finishing my 90 hour course this week and have some class time with an Instructor. And then the 40 hours of ride along. I can bring it all up then. I thank you for your time.

Actually tarring a reputation was not a good choice of words. I do understand as an inspector we are their for the sole interest of the client.

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Integrity is the only thing you truly own. If you lose it it is because you have given it away.

Rats can and will chew through pretty much any building material if motivated.