PEX Supports


2350 W Blue Sky Drive 12-12-09 025.JPG

2350 W Blue Sky Drive 12-12-09 026.JPG

2350 W Blue Sky Drive 12-12-09 024.JPG

all you need a little wire and duct tape and you will be good to go.lolol

I never saw PEX fittings like that. Interesting.

First for me too Joe. I got distracted and forgot to take a closer look. 2002 house.

Those are Wirsbo brand fittings. Much better than the crimp style but they take a special tool to spread and install.

How to make a wirsbo pex fitting:

You’d think they design a spreader tool that can be utilized with a foot holder or a flat end that can be placed on a work table. This guy was using his stomach for one end of the handle, which appears to be a two man job for this connection.