Pex tubes for tub faucets??


I’m thinking of replacing old copper pipes (from tub shutoff valves to faucets themselves, 1’-2’ long) with PEX tubes? I’m NOT sure if it would violate any plumbing codes? Thank you!

Building #1:
Age: 1939
100 units
8 stories
Location: Washington, DC

Building #2:
Age: 1941
110 units
3 stories
Washington, DC

Why would you get rid of good copper pipes?

old leaking ones only. Keeping good ones :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be easier and much cheaper to do it with cpvc and not require specialized crimping tools fittings and adapters? Might be challenging making bends in such a tight radius too.

Pex is fine

I had overlook 1 major issue with PEX. It’s MICES!! They would chew through plastic pipes to look for water source. I think copper is here to stay :wink:
Thanks for your input.

I have never heard of that happening. Something new to think about.

Neither have I but if you Google it there are cases where it happened.