I have started to notice PEX crimps with seepage and corrosion. Is there any info out there about problems especially with plastic connectors/crimps.

Has anyone heard anything against useing PEX for a fire suppresion system?

Thanks in advance.



It was only a matter of time…

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Kitec PEX

I brought this up maybe a year ago when I was a NACHI member.
I brought info to the MB specifically regarding what one of my plumbing subs told me he had been experiancing in the field with PEX when used with the brass crimp fittings.
He said they do eventually leak ,which steered him towards using the plastic crimps and fittings instead.

Personal field info is all I have for you , no scientific study or survey,I’m just one builder in a bizillion but if I’ve seen it others have too.

I’ve never seen the type of fittings shown in the above picture.

We use the brass fittings with the metal crimp rings and have ever since the old polly stuff was outlawed.
It’s been several years now and we have never had a seep. (YET)

No doubt that crimp ring is improperly installed. I don’t want to see the leakage! :shock: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve never seen the type of fittings shown in the above picture.

Pic. one has a combination of the plastic fittings that my plumber has switched to (“T” fitting and pex sleeves)and a brass fitting coming off of the"T".I can’t tell from the pic but it looks like the brass fitting has no crimp-ring on it.

Maybe the idea is to put the fire out before the PEX melts.
I don’t know but it seems like a bad idea.


That connection is made with the Wirsbo/Uponor expander tool.




Yep, thats it.
When my plumber first told me about it he kept caling it “Wizbo”.

I was looking all over the internet for that Wizbo product.I finally gave up and asked my plumber for a look at a peice of it. Sure enough it was Wirsbo.
I still have a bit of a chuckle over it to this day.Some of the most innovative people I know are skilled trades people ,I just wish we could read;-) .

Wirsbo is supposed to be a better type of PEX in that it is more forgiving if one does happen to overbend it,thus causeing it to kink.You can bend it completely in half and when you let it straighten out you will find no kink line or mishaped tube

Very interesting, thanks Michael.