Phantom voltage or not

Test your skills this is a image I created today just for this BB please level 2 and 3 refrain from answering as this is just basic IR that should be understood before attempting to include electrical IR in your reports.

Why are the neutral bars indicating a higher temp on the right end veruses the left side.

I was not on this board today I was out climbing 12X12 roofs :D:D:mrgreen:

Helps if you provide a picture!

Hold your dam horses I am old and tired

Looks like reflection to me from the low emissivity metal.

Ya mean you don’t think its stray voltage running around in the panel

Would of been nice to of had you up today did two real good ones.

I would hope not, but I am still learning.

Charley…looks like your body temp is running a little low!



Watch out for the read beam bouncing off your forehead :mrgreen: