Phase B Lug...OOOPS

Another loose wire noted. Phase B (right side) lug is loose and a huge safety issue. For the people who do not remove covers, man are you missing significant defects. This is the second time in a week a major defect was noted within the panel and could not have been found if the cover wasn’t pulled.

Good find Russel.

You could have just taken a wrench and tightened it up.

Would an inspector actually do this?

Some who are qualified might


Russell - good catch - that would be easy to overlook even with the cover off.

did you happen to check the panel with an non contact thermometer? I am in the habit of doing so. that would likely have shown up as well

I carry one but still use the back of my fingers to check breakers for heat 60 years ago when I started the trade that was the only tester we had also for hot motors Hand on the motor if you can count to ten it was not too hot . We sure learned to count real fast some times .

I did not tighten it. I do not have the proper equipment, training or qualifications…

as long as You don’t lick them…

Only once:shock::shock:

An electrical engineer did this to my own panel and almost burnt my house down. I had to change the panel and breakers.

Common sense isn’t all that common, is it?

I would have tightened it.

With what?

Please never try it.

No idea about the USA But IN Canada an electrical engineer is not an Electrician the same as an Electrician is not an Engineer .
The best electrical engineer I ever met was an electrician before he became an engineer .
One knows what needs to be done on paper.
the other knows how to do it from that paper

With a torque wrench :roll:

Explain exactly how you would go about it with dieing.

Like I said don’t even consider it if you don’t know what you are doing.

The only way I would do it is if the meter head was pulled,not that I know anything about that stuff.

Darn,perfect opportunity to jam in a double tap though as that might tighten er up.:slight_smile:

Exactly Bob.

I’m glad someone get it.