Phase I, II, III, IV inspections

What’s up everybody, I was curious to learn from any inspectors that have done any phase inspections during construction. I have recently been contracted by a warranty company to inspect homes as they are getting built. Are there any pointers or cheat sheets you could recommend so that I perform these inspections correctly? I am doing my best to study the FBC and the IRC, but much of the language, even though it is in English, is hard to understand. I’m not an engineer, but I also want to make sure the code I quote, if at all, is quoted correctly.

Go read this thread through first .

If you do not understand the Building Codes and other relevant standards and the warranty company wants these as the basis for your inspections then stay away from it to prevent major issues for you.


Construction nomenclature is a huge part of working with building codes, most codebooks have a Definitions Section which is the best place to start if you don’t understand a term.

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