Phase inspection advice

I am licensed home inspector in Mississippi and from what I have gathered I need to get a certification from icc and need to obtain my building license from the board of contractors to do new home and phase inspections. Now my question is how do you find clients? I’ve have been told mortgage lenders are the people that schedule these phase inspections but I honestly haven’t dug too far into it. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated as I am a new company and it is very hard to get clients right now.

What is your experience in this field? What’s makes you qualified for a potential client to trust you to hire you?

I have 15 years of construction experience, I have a degree in designing and drafting with Architecture 1 and 2 also building science and materials, I also worked as an Electrician for two shipyards where I completed an Electrical apprenticeship, and I have worked under a Home inspector with 5 years of experience and over 2500 homes he has inspected for about 4 months.

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Whomever you decide to approach in your search for work, be sure to include that information in your introduction letter to help you stand out from others. Good luck.

Frankly, just like the rest of us newer inspectors find clients…

Get an internet presence.
Reach out to agents.
Reach out to banks.
Reach out to insurance companies.
Monitor and engage in social media.
Pay for advertisements.
Tell everyone you meet what you do.
Answer your phone and make your best pitch.
Make sure your prices are in-line with the market.
Be persistent about getting reviews.
Do a great job.
Make sure your clients are satisfied.
Beg, borrow, and steal if necessary.

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Thus my comment above.

Remember, these are professional business people, not homeowners/buyers.
To walk in to their places of business and expect to get a piece of their time without an appointment is, well, just rude IMO.
Send the letter of introduction, and mention you would like to make an appointment to meet with them in person.
Be professional. First impressions do make a difference!

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I agree 100% with this. Do not show up to people’s workplaces unannounced.

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I believe I have been misunderstood. This is not how do you get clients for standard home inspections this is for phase inspections. I did not know if the lenders are the clients seeing how they are the most at risk when it comes to new construction. Completely different from your standard home inspection. Also like I stated in original post for new construction I need a different license to do new homes. With new homes I’ve talked with developers and contractors and have found out that they usually provide the buyers with a list of licensed new home inspectors.

No, you weren’t misunderstood. Anyone can order a phase inspection and it should be marketed similar to a regular home inspection in my opinion. I have only ever been contacted by the home buyer themselves, never by a bank or insurance company for a phase inspection (I don’t do them btw).

Now if you are talking about draw inspections that is usually just the lenders.

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