Phase Inspection gas pipe question.

Did a phase inspection yesterday and uncovered roofing not done to manufacturers specs, Ice & Water shield stops 3-4" from fascia on gables. To me this means no warranty.

Stone work around building with gaps possibly letting water behind the flashing.

Pebbles missing in areas on a pebble finish slab.

1/2" supplies to self flush commercial water closets when it should be 1".

Blind nailed Hardie Plank standing 1/4" proud from the adjoining piece.

And then galvanized pipe to gas meter, this I’m not sure of. Is there an approved galvanized gas pipe for supplying a gas meter?

My Canuck code book says “shall be black” YMMV:-) apparently some jurisdictions allow it. check with AHJ
Are you sure that is galvanizing and not paint?

Yes I’m sure its galvanized.

Paul, natural gas has been modified in some manner that has made it possible to use galvanized pipe in addition to black pipe here in California. Hardie plank siding may be deflecting due to an uneven substrate. Other than an occasional finish nail at the seams it should all be blind nailed (1" space within the overlap).

Paul, most commercial properties requires a min. of 1" pipe. That appears to be 3/4". There are always exceptions depending upon the property usage needs. In this day and age of CSST being acceptable for most applications, and copper is approved in MN, rarely do I find any concerns with the materials used, just the workmanship of the installation.

Hardie is insorrectly installed, there are a few issues with it.

Just talked to the Building Inspector and he said he’s not sure if galvanized is ok.
I’ll just refer back to the utility company.

Galvanized would be OK in California. But different states have different rules.

Jeff, its a 2000 SF community building with 2x4 walls. Ceiling is insulated to R-42 so this supply goes too a Goodman 80,000 BTU furnace.

I deferred this to Centerpoint Energy and they said its good.

Thanks for the replies.