Phased remodel

What would you charge for a commercial remodel phased inspection. 15-20 pictures each visit. Percent of complete for each area with brief description, materials stored on site list. Thanks

That sounds more like a draw inspection rather than a phase inspection. I’m doing one such project right now for a Philadelphia firm that is managing the remodel of a 32 building apartment just a mile away from me…$300/visit. Works out to around $100/hr.

This is a remodel for a Drs. office. I don’t have the square footage yet.

If it’s really 15-20 pictures, brief description of status, etc like you say plus a small dentist office, maybe 1200-1500 sf or so then it’s probably gonna be worth around $75-$100, maybe less, to whoever is requesting it. Now if it entails a true phase inspection where you are inspecting the quality and installation of the remodel work then that’s a different story.

Thank you Mike:)