PHII NSHI designation

Have a fellow in my area who is hurting our business through his inspection practices. He has a PHII designation. Has anyone heard of this?

It must be a local thing in Canada. I’ve never heard of it but I’m in the US.

I had a guy that was touting his CMI (Certified Master Inspector) status around here and I knew that he was not one. So, I ordered my CMI shirts and lanyard and started wearing them to inspections, especially when I knew the agents were going to be there. I also has company shirts, before this, that I added the CMI logo to.

Well, the agents started asking me about the CMI designation and expressed that so and so said he was the only one for 150 miles that was one.

I smiled and held out my lanyard and said; Ask him to see his but better yet this is the website. Do a quick search and see if he really is one.

It wasn’t long thereafter that I started getting much more business from those listing agents that were building the other guy up as “top notch”.

P.S. Bill welcome back to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Bill, how is he hurting your business exactly?

Thanks Larry, Realtor was who told me and now says I’m her guy🤣. But I will investigate further because it hurts all of us.

PHII is Professional Home Inspectors Institute. They offer online training courses to be a home inspector and are located in South Dakota. They also offer mold, radon and others. I’ve taken some of their classes and they are a good place to start if you want to get into the business. As I said “a good place to start” in no way do their classes qualify anyone to be a Certified Master Inspector or a CPI for that matter.

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