Philadelphia Eagles correctly trade sicko supporter of a dog torturer.

Now if they can just get rid of their sicko coach, who also supported a dog torturer’s return to the NFL, they might allow some good aura to come back to the Eagles and win the big game.

They traded Vic?

You guys really lost out trading one of the best quarterbacks in the league in McNabb.
Eagles will be weak this year.

Michael Vick has not been traded. Donovan McNabb has. Nick, get your QB’s straight…:wink:

All QB’s look the same to Nick…;):smiley:

Read my post slower. I have my quarterbacks straight.

You need to elaborate.
Your logic could extend to the entire NFL.
Teams could refuse to play the Eagles ,but do not.

I prefer they play the Eagles and assist the Gods in preventing the Eagles from every winning a Super Bowl. I hope every opposing team’s defensive line is full of dog lovers.

And I hope Andy Reid chokes on a cheese steak and while laying on the ground gasping, has a dog pee on him. Scumbag coach IMHO. He tried to take a short cut and financially and professionally profit through sleaze. What’s next for Reid? Is he going to pull child rapists out of prison to help him win accolades? Some example he is to our youth. :roll:

Nick, quit holding back, tell us how you really feel. :shock: :mrgreen:

How is any of this McNabbs fault ?

Last I checked he is not a GM and doubt any teammates would ever publicly announce ending their careers in protest.

McNabb supported Vick, as did Reid.

So which one of them is the GM?

Maybe they should also get rid of the sicko dog torturer.

Just sayin’. :wink: